Russell VanBrocklen – Creative Writing Tips and Ideas for Learners

Creative writing is a great way to explore the emotions inside you, utilize your creative energy and hone your artistic skills. It improves your ability to think outside the box. This can broaden your mind, which can lead to success in many areas of life, such as critical thinking and problem solving.

Writing imaginatively is something everyone can do, and you only need a basic education to get you started. It’s a great hobby that you can use to find personal fulfillment and to share your thoughts. Who knows, you might become one of the famous writers someday!

Although there are plenty of writing tips available on the internet, you’ll be able to become successful in this field only after a great deal of hard work and a lot of time spent refining your skills. Here are a few simple tips to do it.

• Transport your readers to a new world

Imaginative writing includes taking the reader from the real world to the fantasy world you’ve created. For example, if you have created a story that takes place in hell, the reader should imagine he is there witnessing it all happen. This is called transporting the reader with the words of your writing.

• Create realistic characters

The reader must be familiar with the characters that are created. For this reason, you must know your audience fully and create characters that they can easily identify with them. It is a good idea if you can provide a brief description of the main character prior to creating the story, so that the readers can know his/her personality traits beforehand.

• Make it simple and comprehensible

The story must be simple and easy to read. This rule applies to all categories of writing. If there is any complicated concept or rule that you must expand on, break it down into simple ideas. Also, use short sentences and small paragraphs.

• Be focused

If you are writing about football, don’t talk about tennis. Focusing your story on one main event helps you to write about only the important things and exclude details that aren’t relevant to the main theme.

• Don’t sing your own praises

We all know that you are well-versed in the English language. So do not show off your writing skills with complex expressions. Never use “proximity” when “near” would be more accurate. Simplicity is the best way to create a story. In fact, readers are not always impressed by the use of unfamiliar words. They may even skip words or expressions they do not understand.

• Bottom line

Creative writing requires lots of creativity, inspiration and imaginative power. You can write on any topic and present the content in an attractive style to your audience. A good imaginative writer should have a sound thinking and a good command over the language in which he writes.


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